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For Immediate Release: Introducing Twine PR

Thanks for stopping by - welcome to our very first blog post.

Today is the eve of the annual NLOWE conference and as surreal as it feels, we’re attending (and sponsoring!) as entrepreneurs -- as owners of Twine PR. We can’t think of a more perfect day to introduce you to our business.

Back in February, we became NLOWE members. Ticking “Yes, I am a woman-owned business…” as we set up our profile gave us a feeling we won’t soon forget. One of our goals as business owners is to celebrate the wins, the milestones - big and small. Deciding on a logo, purchasing a domain, agonizing over the perfect font, working with our first client, receiving our certificate of incorporation -- just a few examples of the things we’ve rejoiced in. We’re looking forward to more of that.

While we’re working through a full-scale website, we wanted to start this blog from the get-go. It will be a place where we can share quick, practical tips, lessons we’ve learned through the years, client work and some behind the scenes of what starting and running a business is really like for us including how we balance (or juggle) that with our personal selves. We’ll also be inviting some special guests to weigh in on our posts who complement the work we do, giving you a rounded view of all things strategy, communications, marketing and entrepreneurship here in NL and beyond - from the “big ideas” to the technical details you need to get stuff done on time and budget.

So, why Twine?

Deciding a name was quite the process. It felt a lot like the process we used to name Erin’s child - i.e. many Google docs were involved. We’ve done it before for clients so it was pretty interesting to be on the other side of that, and gave us a new sense of appreciation of the amount of thought that goes into saying “yes, that’s the one.” We started with words we felt described us as individuals and as a brand, then moved on to ones reminiscent of communications. That was followed by a whole lot of other categories until we finally ended up going through words that were inspired by Newfoundland and Labrador. We knew we wanted a one-word, one-syllable name with a strong meaning that contrasted well with the minimalist but classic logo we envisioned. We kept coming back to Twine. So here we are.

Twine PR is a public relations firm on the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. By definition, Twine brings together two or more pieces to form a stronger bond, which is the drive behind every client relationship and project. It’s also perfect symbolism for us, the owners of Twine -- Erin Molloy and Erika Kelland and how we’ve come together to form just that with over 20 years of combined experience in corporate communications, branding, marketing, and project management.

The history

We met while volunteering as board members for IABC NL several years back then reunited while working together at a marketing agency. Going into business together seemed pretty

natural. We’re not sure if that’s “normal” or not. But we’ve always just clicked professionally (and, thankfully, personally with lots of laughs, sarcasm and in depth chats about dogs along the way).

Everything we were both looking for in a career just pointed to entrepreneurship - from flexibility to accountability to helping our community to working with clients we align with to focusing on what we love. Whether it’s getting to know the ins and outs of a business to set it on the right strategic path, offering communications training, identifying influencers or planning a successful experiential event, we can’t wait to help you assess what it is you need and deliver a thoughtful and helpful approach that is constantly evaluated.

We’re on the same page in all the important areas like vision, values, work ethic, aesthetic (aka: minimalistic, black and sometimes white) and strategy but we’re also different enough to create a great balance. Erin looks at every possible (and we mean every possible) angle of a situation and while Erika does this too, she also simplifies situations, breaking them into digestible pieces ready for execution.

While we are officially going public (physically at the conference and electronically here), we have put a lot of work in behind the scenes to bring us to this point. Our strategy has been to start with who we know. Those who already trust us, have worked with us, and who we’ve already established credibility with. We have had a lot of meetings (and we’re certainly not finished yet) with different people we know both personally and professionally to let them know what we’re up to but more importantly, to learn from them. The advice, insight, encouragement, and renewed connection we have gained through doing this is invaluable. So much so, we have already worked with some pretty amazing clients on projects we’ll be posting about very soon, so stay tuned for that.

As we pack our shiny new business cards and choose the very best black outfit for the NLOWE conference, we’ll be sure to celebrate this day -- the day we stepped out as Twine PR.

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